Wedding Party

David Stewart

Father of the Bride

Anne Stewart

Mother of the Bride

David Gates

Father of the Groom

Jill Gates

Mother of the Groom

Stephanie Stewart

Maid of Honor

Sister and BFF of the Bride. Steph is a go-to source for all dirt and embarrassing stories on Maddie.
She is the Vegemite to Maddie's crackers, and the bacon bits in the salad of life.

Felicity Pickering


Felicity's family moved next door to the Stewart's when the girls were six years old. In 2nd grade Maddie told Flic they could no longer be friends as she wore short socks and Felicity wore long socks. They have since put that controversy behind them.

Olivia Mayberry


Maddie & Olivia became great pals in grade 7. Olivia is renowned for parting crowds on the dance floor...only to create room for herself to perform possibly the worst dance moves in history.

Kathryn Whybourne


In 9th grade Maddie thought Kathryn seemed like a pretty cool chick and made it her mission to befriend her. The mission was successful.
Kaths puts the "She" in "Shenanigans".

Jennie Wittmer


Maddie & Jennie became friends through Josh at Ole Miss.
A self-proclaimed 'Hufflepuff', Jennie loves Pokemon, The Matrix Trilogy, and cosplay.

Jessica Lehane


Jess and Maddie became friends playing Lacrosse at Ole Miss. Don't let that sweet face fool you... this girl has got some mean dance moves and can absolutely set fire to a dance floor!

Courtney Cleveland


Courtney and Maddie met on the Ole Miss Lacrosse team and were then roomies for 3 years in Oxford. Courtney enjoys champagne, long walks on the beach and luxurious bubble baths.

Collin Gates

Best Man

AKA: Collicio Del Toro; Coll-Dawgs; Colly Wolly.
Collin is the younger brother of the Groom, and future brother-in-law of the Bride.

Tyler Bischoff


Pronounced 'Ty-la' in Australian.
Tyler and Josh met as tall, lanky dudes on the basketball team. 99.5% of Josh and Tyler's conversations revolve around sports.

Oliver Townsend


Josh and Oliver met as young pledges in their fraternity at Ole Miss.
Looks, intelligence, baby blue eyes....this heartthrob has it all. And yes, he's single ladies.

Dominic Antonacci


Dom is a former roomie and fraternity brother of Josh.
Maddie also loves this Italian stallion so much so that if he wasn't a Groomsman, he would be a Bridesman.

Douglas Stewart


Younger brother (and former victim) of the Bride. Doug is one of four siblings in the Stewart Clan. He is the youngest child and the only boy. A true survivor.

Hunter Pate


Older cousin of the Groom. Hunter is responsible for teaching Josh many valuable life skills including playing Halo, and making flatlulence noises with his armpit.

Sean O'Neill


Phrosne Ras