Joshua and Madeleine

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Our Story

It was August 2012 and a sweltering day in Oxford, Mississippi.
Maddie stepped off the plane and spotted a 6'4" boy looking rather spiffy.
Suddenly, the tall boy started walking her way
She waited with baited breath, wondering what he might say.
"Do you have your visa, passport and I-90?"
"Oh, is this it?"
"I don't know, it might be."

The conversation was slow, awkward and not flowing
Maddie was making mental escape plans and excuses to get going.
She thought ‘do I smell? Is there something on my face?
Clearly this guy is not interested in being my mate!’
Then along came Malcolm (the Aussie friend) saving the day,
Maddie used this opportunity to make her get away.
Sometime later Malcolm reappeared,
"Were meeting Josh tonight for dinner and beer".
That night she reluctantly arrived,
Wondering to herself how long the conversation would survive.

Josh played tour guide every night and everyday,
Showing the International kids the American way.
There was a week to go before school was to start,
And all the while Josh was slowly winning Maddie's heart.
She thought he was sweet, handsome and kind.
He thought she was beautiful, smart, a rare find.

Days, weeks, and months had gone passed,
Both Josh and Maddie knew this was a love that would last.
After four years together Josh got down on one knee,
Asking the big question "will you marry me?”

Come February 10th Maddie will walk down the aisle,
Together they will say their vows with an ear-to-ear smile.
After the "I do's", the kiss, the cutting of cake,
The new Mr. and Mrs. Gates will be forever - it was their fate!

Phrosne Ras